Pokemon Nature Chart
Explore Pokemon Natures With Our Comprehensive Nature Chart & Table

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Chart key

+10% Stat increase by 10%

-10% Stat decreases by 10%

0 Stat does not change

Nature Attack Defense Speed Special Attack Special Defense Type of Berry Likes Type of Berry Dislikes
Adamant +10%00-10%0SpicyDry
Bashful 00000  
Bold -10%+10%000SourSpicy
Brave +10%0-10%00SpicySweet
Calm -10%000+10%BitterSpicy
Careful 000-10%+10%BitterDry
Docile 00000  
Gentle 0-10%00+10%BitterSour
Hardy 00000  
Hasty 0-10%+10%00SweetSour
Impish 0+10%0-10%0SourDry
Jolly 00+10%-10%0SweetDry
Lax 0+10%00-10%SourBitter
Lonely +10%-10%000SpicySour
Mild 0-10%0+10%0DrySour
Modest -10%00+10%0DrySpicy
Naïve 00+10%0-10%SweetBitter
Naughty +10%000-10%SpicyBitter
Quiet 00-10%+10%0DrySweet
Quirky 00000  
Rash 000+10%-10%DryBitter
Relaxed 0+10%-10%00SourSweet
Sassy 00-10%0+10%BitterSweet
Serious 00000  
Timid -10%0+10%00SweetSpicy

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